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Galaxy Guardians. Proud Mutants. Avengers Assembling

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blogrates uwu


blogrates will look like this:

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Anybody fancy checking out my new theme?

Most especially my navigation, which I am super pleased with? 



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Hi friends! I’ve decided to do my first ever solo tumblr awards! (yikes) 
must be following lord of the underworld romvnov
reblog this post to enter. likes don’t count as an entry
open until September 12
must post at least a tiny bit of marvel
must get at least 50 notes or I’m pretending this never happened.
1 winner + 1-2 runner ups for each category (depending on how many entries this gets).
Best Icon
Best Theme
Best URL
Nicest Blogger
Best Original Content
Best Marvel
Best Game of Thrones
Best Multifandom
Overall Winner
Favorite Person in the Whole World Award for any person who can give me the Age of Ultron footage
What you'll win:
A graphic announcing you as the winner/runner up
A follow back from me (if not following already)
Winners - a link in my updates tab + a solo Promo + an icon request
Runners up - group promo
Winner for overall best - link in updates tab + as many promos as you want for a month + as many icon requests as you want for a month
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